Luoyang peony culture festival lets the world see the beauty

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Luoyang, henan province, with a civilization history of more than 5,000 years, is the most important birthplace of the Chinese nation and Chinese culture. It is also the eastern starting point of the silk road and the central hub city of the grand canal in the sui and tang dynasties.Also known as "millennium imperial capital, peony city", is an international famous tourist destination city.Luoyang is also the only city in Chinese history to be named the "god capital".


In April, luoyang is full of the breath of spring. The whole ancient city of luoyang, from the park countryside to the sides of the road to the streets, is full of charming and charming peonies of various colors. You can see the beautiful shadow of peonies in every street.The annual luoyang peony cultural festival, sponsored by the ministry of culture of the People's Republic of China and the people's government of henan province, was also held as scheduled.            


The peony culture festival is held in several major peony garden scenic spots, such as China national garden, national peony garden and international peony garden, covering an area of several thousand mu, with over 1200 varieties of nine colors and over 1.57 million plants.


"Luoyang people used to see strange flowers, peach and plum blossom when the flowers.Must be a peony blossom full hair, the city just start music boundless."Shao yong's "luoyang spring sing" shows luoyang people's love for peony and its intoxicating and shocking beauty.

Indeed, luoyang peony is the best in the world, which is extremely beautiful. Once it opens, it will pour out all its resources to the utmost, showing the ultimate beauty of luoyang and China.Ah peony, the most spectacular in the land of incense.The annual luoyang peony culture festival attracts tourists from all over the world.


Luoyang peony festival has successfully held more than 30 years, municipal party committee, municipal government adheres to the "with flowers for the media, make friends, propaganda luoyang, opening wider to the outside" the guiding ideology, will be the peony festival a garden view lamp, tourism, trade and economic cooperation and exchanges as one of the large-scale comprehensive economic and cultural activities.


In luoyang, this year has created a 500 ㎡ energy-saving outdoor advertising screen, this is known as the "one thousand years of ancient capital, peony huacheng" city natural landscape and cultural characteristics show incisively and vividly, luoyang, let the world see the United States, see China and the United States.


It is mainly installed on the roof of the lobby of huayang plaza international hotel, the best five-star hotel in luoyang. The hotel has successfully received premier wen jiabao, vice premier wang qishan, guests from Taiwan and other state leaders and important guests.


In luoyang peony festival period mainly playing video information and the peony festival, the whole screen is composed of three pieces of the corner of the structure of the LED display, a u-shaped, let the people from all parties in the eye can see, let in luoyang, the ancient and modern reflect urban comprehensive show before the eyes of the world, is to let of guilin of China's national flower peony, spectacular, very beautiful, stunning the world.



The energy saving advertisement screen mainly plays the business advertisement, displays the Chinese brand charm to the world.Let tourists from all over the world fully understand luoyang and China's economic strength.


The whole project 500 ㎡, is a big project, customers choose three reasons.

Tested product quality, outdoor ace products, adhere to the independent lighting, product quality has a strong guarantee;High level of energy saving, protection, not afraid of the hot sun, fearless of wind and rain, can play 24 hours.

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