"Eight industry standards" highly recognized by the indus

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In March 2019, during the guangzhou international advertising sign and LED exhibition, the first LED industry standard was issued, covering eight fields of "safety, technology, quality, health, environmental protection, service, business and social responsibility", which comprehensively regulated the production and business activities of LED enterprises.


Since its release, this standard has been recognized by many parties, including LED display application branch of China optical optoelectronics industry association.Hong zhen, the group leader of the standards group of the association, took the lead in proposing higher standards for the industry, and set an example for the formulation of the industry standardization work, expressing high recognition and appreciation.

The introduction of the "" eight standards" "was not a whim.In fact, as the first Chinese enterprises "going out" of the LED screen, made in China before the transformation and upgrading of pain: once many years ago in the overseas market introduce products to the user, the user of the product appearance design, hardware and workmanship showed a keen interest in the operations function, but when the user see "made in China" after the nameplate, but insisted, production must change to another country to purchase, because the overseas customer's mind at that time, Chinese goods are inferior synonymous with low price.At that time, he firmly rejected this proposal and made up his mind to make "made in China" a world-renowned business card.

Before the "eight standards", in fact, the industry is not impossible to adhere to the gray area.After decades of development, LED display industry standardization work is also gradually advancing:

LED display industry in China in 1997 made the first industry standard "LED display general specification", and in 2003 by the ministry of information industry issued a "LED display test method", after a lot of promotion, the two industry standards, to display industry standardization played a huge role, some enterprises based on the established its own enterprise standards, effectively promoted the industry standardization.


Then, the national related department also issued a "standard of sports venues with LED display", "technical specification for LED display unit energy certification, the Chinese film and TV technology society standard", "indoor LED display multimedia system acceptance specification and other standards and specifications, further in the niche for the corresponding provisions.

It is worth noting that with the rapid upgrade of LED display technology and the emergence of new applications and problems, the existing industry standards are not only playing the role of the underlying and basic norms, but also somewhat inadequate in front, comprehensive and other aspects.On the other hand, the top-level design of "made in China 2025" sets stricter quality and operation requirements for manufacturing enterprises.Obviously, the proposal of "eight standards" exactly makes up for the lack of this new standard, and provides valuable reference basis for the industry to determine the new course.


Pursue "true culture", do not like to use empty slogan way to attract the attention of the industry.Over the years, the company has always adhered to a high standard higher than the industry standard strict self-requirements: every material selection, every process, every service details......", will "quality is always the lifeline of the enterprise" business philosophy implementation from beginning to end.In Europe and the United States and other markets with extremely high quality requirements, we have taken the lead in "made in China" and LED the export of LED display products in China for many years.In today's domestic market, Rio tinto has never let up on the quality of its products and services. Instead, it has exercised strict self-discipline with standards equal to or even higher than those in overseas markets.


In addition to the quality of the products in addition to intensive cultivation, also do not forget to be strict in service standards.Unlike the industry's common practice of offering a one-year warranty, all products offer a standard two-year warranty.


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