MPLED PH3.91 Rental LED Display Shining in India

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With the development trend of high-definition, small pitch LED display, the global demand for LED display products growing rapidly. Based on the deep understanding of the LED display application market in the past 10 years and the unique technology leadership in the field of leasing, MPLED products have been plowing in overseas markets for many years and have been favored by customers and occupy a place in the fierce market competition.

PH3.91 rental led display, led screen panel

Recently, MPLED rental series LED display and flowering, a specifications for the P3.91 rental LED display shine India. The case, no doubt once again highlights the advantages of MPLED products, the MPLED brand in the overseas market influence and the customer on the MPLED brand trust and recognition.

The MPLED display all use SMD2121 black light, contrast up to 4000: 1, not only can meet the rental high gray demand display, but also to achieve high refresh, high stability of the soft display; and 3.91mm Small spacing and special buckle structure ensure the seamless effect of the seamless display.

All along, MPLED products in the research and development has been basing on users' experience. It can be said that the characteristics of the rental market products have a deep understanding and accurate grasp, in addition to meet the high-definition display effect, MPLED in research and development products But also take full account of the characteristics of the use of environmental conditions, the product of the angle adjustment, the use of security, handling convenience, the installation of fast, easy maintenance is also the factors that MPLED focus on.

For example, in the case of India, MPLED has provided the standard cabinet 500X1000mm, so that it can be compatiable with the standard module, and in the transport, assembly, maintenance and area calculation, etc. Than other companies have become efficient and efficient conventional products.

PH3.91 rental led display, led screen rental

At present, in the Indian market, MPLED rental series of display has been used in many important occasions, such as sports, stage performances, conferences, product launches, exhibitions and other temporary applications are widely used.

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