How to check the LED Display Installing Place

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1. Preparation before site survey:
Before leaving, you need to communicate with the user to understand the specific requirements of the user:
1) The type and size of the display.
2) installation environment.
3) shows the content and methods.
4) communication methods.
2 Site Survey Content:
1 The status, installation method (inlaid, floor-standing, suspended, wall-mounted, supporting, pillar type) and force conditions of the display screen installation location. And according to the specific size of the display, confirm whether there are obstacles at the installation site to hinder the installation of the display. In the case of mosaic installation, whether the reserved installation slot is appropriate; if the wall has decorative partitions, the user must be asked about the condition of the wall; if the column screen is installed, the geological conditions must be clearly understood. (If there is sediment in the bottom of the geological layer, it will take a long time and it will lead to the risk of the pillars and screens sinking or even collapsing. Don't take a look at them.)
2 on-site power supply. The capacity of the equipment room or AC transformer, whether the cables need to be re-arranged, or whether the wire diameter of the already-arranged cables meets the requirements; if it is a single-phase power, whether there is a grounding wire; if it is three-phase power, whether it is three-phase five-wire . If you need to re-wiring, you need to accurately measure the length of the power cord at the site.
3 Understand the control position of the display and whether the communication line is unblocked. The length of the communication line required on site, and whether there are other devices that need to access the display control terminal or understand the switching mode of the on-site signal channel; if the user does not understand anything, at least it is necessary to understand the user's application requirements, especially the theater Class user. If the user is already wiring, ask whether the length and quantity of the wiring have been appropriate; if the normal synchronization system uses the Super Category 5 network cable, it should be less than 120 meters, and the non-Ultra-V network cable length should be lower; if the number is not enough, the corresponding network cable number must be increased. If you are too long, you must use suitable optical cables. Use multi-mode optical fibers within 500. If you exceed 500 meters, you must use single-mode optical fibers. No matter whether it is the network cable or the number of fibers, there must be backup.
4 Tools to carry, such as a tape measure or a laser ruler. Does it require scaffolding or user-provided scaffolding? Whether the computer is provided by the user.
5 On-site external environment. Whether it is necessary to pay attention to moisture protection when installed indoors, and whether it is necessary to pay attention to the details of waterproofing and lightning protection measures when installing outdoors; whether the location depends on the sea, chemical plants, air salt, alkali, and acidity. Another outdoor screen user needs to observe the audience viewing distance, display height, and the direction of the sun.
6 Take photos of the camera as much as possible and take pictures with different details in different angles.
7 Whether the user has special requirements and if there are special requirements, whether it can be realized and the difficulty of the project.
8 If the business is responsible for the construction, it is also necessary to go to the local area to understand the specific location of the steel market and the building materials market.
Special considerations for additional outdoor screens:
(1) The display screen is installed outdoors, often exposed to the sun, rain, dust, and the working environment is harsh. If the electronic device is wetted or severely dampened, it may cause a short circuit or even a fire, causing a malfunction or even a fire, resulting in damage.
(2) The display may be subject to strong magnetic shocks caused by lightning.
(3) The temperature of the environment changes greatly. The display screen itself generates a certain amount of heat. If the ambient temperature is too high and the heat dissipation is poor, the integrated circuit may not work properly, or even be burned, and the display system may not work properly.
If you do not have a good workflow beforehand, traveling to a remote city to do site surveys will have a major impact on the installation of displays. At the very least, it will cause some trouble for users and affect the company's service standards. Not all display screens must be inspected on site by the manufacturer themselves. If it is not convenient to go to the scene, according to the above circumstances, after selecting the display screen and the control system, the user shall cooperate with the site survey when the conditions permit. , Or the business through other ways to understand the scene.
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