Why LED Curtain Becomes the New Favorite of Advertiser

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1)LED curtain and LED Transparent LED display is mainly used for large-scale real-time display of indoor and outdoor projects;

2)In order to ensure that the outdoor reality project pixels enough brightness, the module is usually made of silica gel potting to do waterproof treatment, the color of silicone can be required according to the project, so that the perfect coordination with the architectural wall color;

3)Module outlet for the high and low temperature, excellent silicone wire, with a professional waterproof connector, professional design carefully built a fully sealed waterproof structure protection level to 1P67 can adapt to a variety of indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity environment, working environment up to -20 and + 80 degrees Celsius, can work in rain;

4)Multiple molds can form a full color display wall;

5)It can replace the digital tube to do the use of linear light source, by the connection point light source lighting effect is more general;

6)It can be any combination of various shapes, easy installation, does not affect the appearance and structure of the original object;

7)LED curtain display and LED raster display can be used for outdoor and indoor, requires a translucent, showing a larger pixel pitch, there is a certain decorative effect of large screen display occasions, it is common in conventional display and lighting Lighting between an LED display application products;

8)The display unit is strip, can be assembled into the inner arc display surface, the outer arc display surface, the inner circle display screen shape, S display surface, spherical shape and other profiled screen, there are ordinary conventional display can not be achieved display effect;

9)LED curtain display and LED raster display with light weight, good wind resistance, easy installation, good heat dissipation, easy maintenance before and after, waterproof performance, good seismic performance, auxiliary installation frame low cost, no noise and so on;

LED curtain

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