The advantage of the LED Display Encapsulation

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① PPA only raw materials
PPA material is one of the key materials to protect the precision parts of the product and keep the sealing. Nationstar RGB devices only use no impurities, stable performance, meeting the standard processing performance of raw materials as PPA material to ensure product performance and stability.

② built-in large chip
Nationstar RGB device built-in large chip, can provide adequate display brightness, light efficiency, at the same time, excellent cooling effect can effectively solve the power consumption is too high, the current is too large problem, the device life longer.

③ high-quality metal stent
High-quality metal stent antioxidant strong, good ductility, can effectively resist the harsh environment of the device corrosion and damage, greatly enhance product stability.

④ matte mat noodles glue
Nationstar RGB device surface using high-quality matte glue, consistency is good, high contrast, display the color uniformity, the overall performance is better.
If the quality of the material is the first step in the Nationstar RGB devices, then the process and technology for many years is the key to creating fine quality.

Nationstar LED display effect, stability protection
① high contrast
Unique black matte  package, matte surface uniform, the whole more "black", the angle without reflection, display better.

② high performance
Low light high ash, mixed light effect is good, the light is soft, to meet the requirements of high refresh the back pressure, greatly reducing the "caterpillar" string light problem.

③ low failure rate
Failure rate of less than 10ppm, even in Malaysia, the actual application case to achieve a hundred thousand lamp without dead lights.

④ long life low LED failure
1000 hours under normal temperature aging test simulation, the LED failure is less. 

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