More LED Display Companies Concentrate on Overseas Market

Author :Date : :2017-05-22 14:53Reading :51

In recent years, China's LED display industry has grown rapidly, the domestic LED display business strength has enhanced significantly. With more wide vision, more companies began to concentrate on the international market, and participate in the global market competition. From the global LED display market structure, China is the largest market, accounting for about 28% -35% of the global market. With the domestic market tends to saturation, China LED display enterprises must "go out" to embrace the global market, in order to find a new business development space.

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In the export market, once the important export markets in North America, Europe is also saturated, coupled with increased market access, so more companies will focus on Russia, Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America and other emerging countries market, it turns out that these Emerging areas or national markets have great potential for development.

While developing the international market and developing global trade, we must also face the risks. LED display export enterprises should enhance the awareness of the protection of intellectual property rights, and enhance the non-tariff barriers to trade barriers measures - anti-dumping, countervailing, technical barriers to trade and other knowledge, to grasp the necessary means of industrial development prevention and protection.

It is foreseeable that China's LED display enterprises to speed up to go out to explore the historical trend of overseas markets can not be blocked. MPLED also wish to be able to spread as China's LED display advanced manufacturing technology messenger, so that more people around the world will know and use the Chinese-made LED display. We hope that with the external output LED display products this platform, we can enhance the economic and trade between countries and countries, cultural exchanges, communication and cooperation in promoting global trade development at the same time, promote the common prosperity of mankind. 

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