How to make LED display's life to be 100,000 hours?

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LED displays have a life like other electronic products. Although the theoretical life of LED  is 100000 hours, which means more than 11 years counting according to 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. But the actual situation and theoretical data is much worse. According to statistics, now the life of LED Display in the market  is generally 6 ~ 8 Year, and the led large displays that can be used for more than 10 years has been considered very good, especially outdoor LED display, life is even shorter. If we take note of some of the details of the use of the process, we will bring unexpected results on the display.

From the beginning of the procurement of raw materials to the production and installation of the standardization and standardization of the use of LED display life will have a great impact. The brand of Lamps, IC, power supply and other electronic components will impact of LED large screen life directly. When we plan for the project, we should specify the use of reliable quality LEDs, switching power supply, and other raw materials, and it’s better to specify brands and models. In the production process, we should pay attention to anti-static measures, such as wearing static ring, wearing anti-static clothes, and choose clean room and production line, to minimize the failure rate. We should ensure the aging time, so that the factory pass rate of 100%. In the transport of transport, packaging is also very important, for example, marked in the packaging fragile. If it is shipping, we need to do anti-corrosion measures.

For outdoor LED display, it’s necessary to have external safety equipment, and lightning protection measures. It’s better to switch off the display in the lightning storm days. Pay attention to the protection of the environment, and do not keep the screen in the dusty environment long-term, and the cabinet inside is strictly prohibited from the water. Choose the right cooling equipment, according to the standard to install the fan or air conditioning, screen body environment as far as possible to do dry and ventilated.

In addition, the LED display of the daily maintenance is also very important, regular cleaning the screen above the accumulation of dust, so as not to affect the cooling function. When playing advertising content, try not to be in full white for a long time, full green and other images, so as to avoid the current amplification, cable heating caused by short circuit and other failures. Play the festival at night, according to the ambient brightness to adjust the brightness of the screen body, so not only can save energy, but also extend the lifetime of led display.   

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