Outdoor LED Displays Enters a New Era

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The rapid development of the city's outdoor advertising is moving in a diversified development. Outdoor media industry is rapidly evolving, the traditional form of advertising has been a significant change. We look forward to having more intelligent and highly targeted and measurable evaluation campaigns that enrich our lives.
Firstly, the growth of outdoor fixed LED display market is increasing.
At present, the market of outdoor fixed LED screen has great potential, according to the relevant data show that 2016 domestic LED display accounted for about 83.4% of the domestic LED display market, the overall market is about 24.1 billion yuan, is expected to 2018 domestic LED display The size of the fixed market will reach 29.1 billion yuan, 2015-2018 years, the domestic LED display market, the annual growth rate of 8.72%.
Outdoor fixed LED screen market growth rate to the good, companies should seize the development of new opportunities, develop new products, equipped with emerging technologies. Better interaction with users to strengthen the user experience, etc., but also continue to open up new markets.
Secondly, smaller pitch LED displays are more and more popular on outdoor market
In digital era of LED display market, small pitch LED display is undoubtedly the focus of attention. And the rise of small pitch LED displays as an opportunity to actively enter the outdoor large-screen display market, LED display has become an important strategic layout.
Small pitch technology and technology continue to develop mature, outdoor fixed LED display products from the P20, P16, P10, P8 began a small interval to meet the needs of different occasions, the application of universal.
The bus station, for example, with the development of smart city, bus stops are also expected to gradually enter the smart era. The LED display and bus system will be combined to form a powerful electronic bus platform. The bus intelligent dispatch system can record the running time, the position and the distance of the vehicle before and after, and can view the number of the car through the video system, so that it can make the appropriate adjustment when necessary to make the vehicle run more reasonable.

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