Small Pitch LED display in the Security Market

Author :Date : :2017-07-12 17:23Reading :51

Small pitch LED displays has been more and more applied in the studio, control room, command hall, conference center and other important occasions, with its real seamless stitching, cost-effective and superior display effect, etc.,. With the LED display pixel pitch is getting smaller, the viewing distance to continue to be nearer. In order to achieve excellent display effect, it requires that the LED display itself be excellent in the image processing and assembly process.

Small Pitch LED display, led video wall
Security monitoring in all walks of life has become more and more important, as the video information output terminal, video surveillance display terminal equipment needs to clearly show all monitoring images, but also switch between large and small screens conveniently, to convey accurate and true, intuitive and effective, rich content. Video surveillance display terminal as an important part of the security chain, it always requires HD monitoring screens. This year, the major manufacturers have forced "4K" concept, and strive to do the video content is divided. Independent innovation enterprises MPLED also joined the battlefield, and independent research and development of small pitch LED seamless splicing screen products, so that the display effect is more shocking.
In the security project, large-screen stitching products have become the mainstream display terminal, especially in the safe city, the smart city, and other integrated large-scale security projects, the stitching wall products is essential. Today, the security market is rapidly expanding, the corresponding, for the big screen stitching industry to bring more space for development. MPLED have full confidence on our small pitch LED screens.

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