Irregular LED Screen Has Been a New Growth Point

Author :Date : :2017-08-07 16:31Reading :51

Standing in the Dubai airport, you will be shocked by the pillar’s colorful picture. It adopted  the arc of 90 ° LED display because of its irregular unconventional appearance, to meet the designer's creative inspiration, to bring the audience strange new visual experience.
Irregular LED Screen, customized led screens
Compared to conventional LED display, LED irregular display need more structural breakthrough. At present, LED irregular screen mainly has fan, arc, round and cylindrical, triangular and other structural forms. As the irregular LED screen looks different, different structure, and thus the technical requirements of the manufacturers are more strict. If the work art is unqualified, the LED screen will be patchwork gap is too large, and splicing surface is not flat.

It is understood that the irregular led screen are more applied in the performing arts venues, outdoor media, pavilions and other places. Compared with other LED display, the demand is small, but the market prospects are good. On the basis of consolidating the advantages of the original product, but also fully meet the individual needs of customers in the LED special-shaped display R & D technology to make great efforts to produce a different shape, high-quality irregular LED screen, made a good social reputation.

LED display with a high resolution and energy saving, display rich and colorful, can fully meet the different needs of customers.

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