Small pitch LED Displays become more important in overseas m

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With regard to the overseas market situation in 2017, we can see that the market demand for high-end LED displays has begun to show its stride. Although its market capacity is not as broad as ordinary screens, its high gross profit margin, rapid growth and broad market prospects have also allowed the large-scale enterprises Do not hesitate to join the "Nuggets" team. Especially in recent years, under the new situation, the demand of emerging markets and products began to rise, leaving companies to value the layout of the high-end market.

Pioneer in the overseas market, no doubt, small pitch LED products. With the upsurge of smart city construction being carried out in the world, demand for indoor high-definition large-screen display has started to increase in many fields such as security monitoring, city emergency command center and meteorological energy. Due to the upgrade of display technology and Wu Mei, many television stations also started to upgrade the studio Of the large-screen display devices; large-scale enterprise video conferencing shows that the Forum shows the needs of the peak; even the current maturity of small pitch technology, making the theater in some developed regions have begun to use LED display instead of the traditional projection equipment ... These trends are without exception To promote the small-pitch LED display market growth, but also has been in the field of small pitch in the leading Chinese screen enterprises seized the opportunity to speed up the layout of overseas trade.

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