The larger the viewing angle of the LED display, the better?

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Before discussing the size of the perspective, we also need to clarify the concept of perspective. Many players in the industry set the viewing angle specification to be inaccurate, and think that the perspective of the display content is the range of viewing angles, but it is not. According to the definition of the industry standard SJ/T 11281-2007 "Light Emitting Diode (LED) Display Test Method", assuming that the brightness of the normal direction of the display screen is Lf, the brightness of the display screen is detected from the left and right sides of the center line of the display screen. When the luminance values ​​on the left and right sides fall to Lf/2, the angle formed between the two observation lines is called the viewing angle in the horizontal direction of the display screen. Vertical perspective is the same.
The perspective of the LED itself is also based on the same definition above. Due to the definition of the brightness test on the display screen, the optical probe needs to replace at least 16 LED pixel points, which may cause the screen viewing angle to be slightly larger than the viewing angle of the used LED (assuming that the mask does not block light). As shown in the example in Figure 3, the LED display made of a 100-degree viewing angle LED has a viewing angle of 134 degrees.
                                                                                                                                                Figure 1 Comparison of relative intensity of LED and LED display
So is the LED display's viewing angle bigger? In fact, this depends on different application needs. For example, in road traffic information screens, since the audience of the display content is only a road vehicle, the viewing angle is usually only about 30 degrees. An excessively large angle of view will result in light pollution at other angles and lower energy efficiency. For example, the exterior wall of outdoor buildings. The advertising display shows that the audience of the content is the passersby on the street, so the horizontal viewing angle needs to be relatively large, and the vertical viewing angle should be minimized.

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