MPLED LED Perimeter LED Display

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P8/P10/P12/P16 outdoor perimeter led screen adopts physical and virtual pixel technology which makes the picture more clear and vivid, no flicker and blind dots. The screen is manufactured in a waterproof and dustproof design so it can work very well in rain and sunshine. It can be assembled and disassembled very easy, and it is an ideal product for any kind advertisements.
It characterized by perfect vivid image, super brightness, high refresh rate, long life span and stable work, and waterproof, etc.
It is widely used in advertising, sports, industrial enterprise, transportation, stations, terminals, airports, construction, education system and other public places.
Main advantages:
1. New mask design makes LED light almost zero reflection, which ensures the screen displaying effect;
2. The cabinet of unit modules adopts to high-temperature spraying technology, the antirust function is greatly improved;
3. Module surface flatness ± 0.2mm, the entire screen has good flatness;
4.High uniformity display color;
5. For improving the service life, PCB is made by wave soldering process with the green oxygen isolation layer, which prevents the line of moisture and oxidation.
6. Service efficiency of the screen switch power supply is increased substantially, which reduces power failure rate;
7. Using fishbone bus line greatly reduces the contact problem;
8. IP65 grade for high performance waterproof and dustproof capability;
9. -25°C – 65°Cworking environment for outdoor display, adapted to the harsh environment.

 LED Perimeter LED Display

 LED Perimeter LED Display
 LED Perimeter LED Display

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