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With the outdoor advertising LED displays are more and more widely used, customers’ requirements are higher and higher, especially for hotels or government, schools, squares, railway stations, airports and etc., thus the more and more after-sales maintenance requirements are higher too.

For traditional outdoor LED display, it usually should leave a about 75cm maintenance channel for future maintenance of the display. However, there are some customers who had to give up the LED display solution but chose LCD splicing screen finally, because the space is limited or they do not want to leave maintenance channel or other reasons, and traditional LED displays can not meet customer requirements.

Some companies have also developed a kind of outdoor front maintenance module, which adopting DIP LED. However, outdoor SMD LED is more and more mature and popular now. We MPLED adopts Nationstar SMD2727 and SMD3535 outdoor LEDs only, which have a good performance on heat dissipation, waterproof and the brightness is also enough even in the sun directly.     

Now MPLED has promoted P8 outdoor full color front maintenance module, and P10 outdoor full color front maintenance module. The size of the three modules are 320mm * 320mm, which are compatible for all cabinets and  can be made 640mm * 640mm, 960 * mm960mm or more. A cabinet is consist of only four modules or nine modules, saving installation costs and improving work efficiency.

front maintenance led display
P8 and 10 outdoor front maintenance module 320 * 320mm
This front maintenance cabinet requires only a small hex wrench to easily remove the module (when installing the cabinet,  the module backside has a separate lock, when the hexagonal wrench rotating, the lock will also move to both sides. When disassembly the module, you just unscrew the screws in front of the module with hexagonal wrenc ). Without the need to remove from the back, you can leave the maintenance channel, saving the entire screen thickness.
front service led module
What’s more, MPLED adopts the exclusive mode modules, ensure the seamless assembly, and the LED displays can work normally, high brightness, high refresh rate, can reach IP65.

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