• Adverts LED POSTER

    This indoor movable adverts led poster widely use
    for shops, hotel, wedding, meeting guidence, new
    product presentation, autocar 4S shop, high-end
    cloth chain shops, metro station, airport, etc.
    This led poster is also called mirror led display. 




    Led Poster Hardware

    LED POSTER is All-in-one machine which include HDMI/USB/RJ45 interface and Power button, Audio
    output, also has brightness dimming button. When
    make it power on, the led poster automatically
    work and dispaly videos/image. 

  • Front Maintenance and Interl
    Cyclone 4 Main Chip
    LED POSTER is front maintenance led module
    with professional magnetic tool, you can take out
    all components from front side. This led panel adopt
    imported Interl Cyclone  4 chip to improve refresh rate
    and gray level. 


  • Various Control Methode

    USB, WIFI, 3G, 4G, RJ45 network cable can well
    connect with LED poster and do operation by PC
    or APP. The video can well display in one led
    poster, also can well split to several led poster.
    You can ask 2-6pcs led poster display the same
    video. All the led poster can do Icloud control
    when do large project.




    Customzied Color

    You can select your own color as company
    VI and logo printing available. Mostly choose
    from these 7 colors. 



  • Flexible Installation

    LED poster design based on flexible advers machine conception, so you can horizontally/vertically hang
    it on the wall or make it as floor standing.
    No need extra harware except for our professionl
    hanging pendant. 



    Standard Size and Customized Size

    The standard size is 1950x510x35mm with
    P2.5 led module and totally aluminum frame.
    It's super slim design only 35mm thickness.  
    For some special application, we can accept
    for customized dimension. 




    16:9 LED Video Poster

    You can make assembly as 4X3 or 8x6 led poster to
    be a 16:9 led video wall, so this led poster can use
    as normal led display if necessary. 


Module RI-P1.8 RI-P2.5 RI-P2.57
Pixel Pitch 2.5mm 2.5 mm 2.57mm
Brightness ≤1300 nits ≤1300 nits ≤1500 nits
Refresh Rate ≥1920 Hz ≥1920 Hz ≥1920 Hz
Driving Method 1/21 scan 1/16 scan 1/13 scan
Grey level 65536 65536 65536
Color Display 281 trillion 281 trillion 281 trillion
LED Type SMD1010 SMD2020 SMD2020
IP Grade IP30 / IP30
Power consumption(Max/Average) 680/204 W/sq.m 600/200 W/sq.m 650/210 W/sq.m
Module Size (mm) 288X216mm
Frame Size(mm) 1950×510×35 mm
Frame Material Aluminum
LED Poster weight(kg) 24 kg 24 kg 24 kg
LED Poster resolution 160 ×1080 Pixels 192 ×768 Pixels 224×756 Pixels
Pixel density 308,600 Pixels/sq.m 160,000 Pixels/sq.m 151,400 Pixels/sq.m
Application environment  
Input AC power voltage 96V-242V
Working temperature -30℃ ~ 60℃
Working humidity 10%-95%RH
Signal type(with video processor) AV, S-Video, VGA, DVI, HDMI, SDI, DP
Control distance HSYV: <100m; SMF: <10km


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