For indoor large screen digital display applications that require high quality reproduction, the RI-576 Series LED screen system is the perfect 
solution. Capable of producing high resolution images with outstanding color reproduction, our 576 series LED display solution let you bring 
the amazing pictures to the foreground.

  • Various Application

    Mainly used for fashion shows, expo, 
    weddings, TVStudio, Church, Stage, 
    Shopping mall, hotel, Airport, Railway 
    station, bus station and etc.
  • True Color

    A leading international technology-by-point correction, reducing the use of advanced green color restore feature, fully adapted to the human eye perception of color habits, true to the nature of color.

  • SlimLow Power Dissipation

    Using high quality thermal grease and die-cast aluminum construction, with excellent thermal performance, without fan assisted thermal, noise, power consumption is less than 200W / cabinet, high stability.

  • High refresh rate

    The refresh rate More than 2000 hz,the display is stable, no ripples, no flicker, display real and natural.
    Small pitch LED display non cable connectors have to improve the stability, easy installation,removal and maintenance .

  • Low Brightness and High Grayscale

    5000:1 contrast ratio acquired with high quality black SMD LED lamp and black mask, providing clearer and more vivid image.

  • Professional Aviation 

    The professional aviation connectors enable 
    multiple plug and unplug. It ensures the 
    stable and reliable of the screen especially 
    in some important occasions.



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