• Various Application

    UHD series led panel specially use for TV studio, conference center, monitoring center and cinema, meseum, etc.

  • Seamless Splicing 
    and Fast Installation

    UHD Series features our innovative 
    die-cast aluminum housing and unique 
    quick-lock design that make seamless 
    splicing and fast installation.

  • Front Maintenance

    Almost all UHD series products are magnetic led module for front maintenance. You can easily take out module within 5 seconds with professioanl tool. 

  • Large Viewing Angle

    Large viewing angleup to 160° which attract more anduience from different directions.

  • Vivid Visual Effect with Module Mask

    The contrast ratio can reach 8000:1 
    with black SMD and led module mask, improved 30% than traditional design. Also greatly protect leds from damage. 

  • 16:9 Design as TV

    4K LED TV can be easliy install as 16:9 led video wall, every cabinet is a independent TV with 4096x2160 dots resolution.

    Small pixel pitch


Other Products in this Series

  • Pixel pitch